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Do You Want to Write for GroundPunch?

Are you passionate about writing and gaming?
Do you like what you see here?
Want to work alongside a team of enthusiastic writers, editors, and video producers to produce quality content?

We’re looking for individuals with a talent for writing and/or creating video content who can work well with a team. No previous experience is required, but you will be expected to include a sample article with your application (750 words or more) so we can assess your writing ability.

What's In It For Me?

All positions are unpaid but we do receive early/free copies of games for review on occasion, and our editing staff can provide valuable insight to help you hone your writing abilities. We’re all doing this because we love it and want to get better, so consider the site a good place to start out if you’re an aspiring games journalist or writer.

We also understand that you’re a busy person and don’t have 10 hours a week to pour into something you aren’t getting paid for, and that’s fine with us. All we ask is that you contribute an article once every two weeks (although more is preferred) and communicate ahead of time if you will be unable to meet a deadline.

How Do I Apply?

Just fill out the form below and wait for an email response. For further inquiries about the site or the application process, please email our managing editor at Samyoung@groundpunch.com and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible.