Ground Punch’s Best of 2016 – Game Awards

Below are our picks for the games that offered the best graphics in 2016. These are the games that pushed our PC’s and consoles to the limit, games that are designed and rendered so beautifully they are nearly life-like.

To say that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’s graphics were incredible would be a huge understatement. I have never seen such accurate facial expressions and lip syncing in a video game – period. The magic of motion capture that Naughty Dog uses far exceeds any expectations that I could have possibly had. It is truly amazing to see how far we’ve come from Drake’s Fortune all the way to A Thief’s End. Furthermore, Uncharted 4 consistently delivers some of the most scenic and breathtaking views that I’ve seen in a video game.

Written by Nikhil Chowdri

DICE has a proven track record of making absolutely gorgeous first-person shooters. The Frostbite Engine constantly delivers some of the most astounding effects and lighting year after year, and it just keeps getting better. Battlefield 1 is the summation of all that work.

Battlefield 1, is without a doubt, the most jaw-dropping, lifelike first person shooter ever made. With picturesque WW1-era landscapes and locales, world class lighting and particle effects, Battlefield 1 bowls over pretty much all of the competition when it comes to pure graphical horsepower. On PC, Battlefield 1 shines like a beacon of what the PC is capable of in 2016, and on consoles it’s no slouch either. When a torrential rainstorm hits the beaches of the Adriatic sea, and a behemoth of a naval vessel rips apart the landscape with Battlefield 1’s incredible destruction, it’s hard not to believe that you’re actually there.

Written by Evan Buck

There is something to be said about graphics in 2016, and id Software made a bold statement with DOOM. While not quite the prettiest game of this generation, id Software used the tools they had at their disposal to craft a beautiful looking game that captures the essence of being a badass. From the punchy gore kills to the multitude of exploding body parts, DOOM is certainly an immaculate game if you want to be hella’ metal.

Written by Jeremy Winslow

Runners-Up: Final Fantasy XV, Forza Horizon 3, Furi, Steep, Titanfall 2, Tom Clancy’s The Division, The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine.

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