Ground Punch’s Best of 2016 – Game Awards

Of all the first-person shooters that have come out in 2016, none of their campaigns really stick out as much as DOOM’s does. The mechanics are fast and responsive, a nod to the Doom’s of yesteryear. The guns are loud, over-the-top, and pack a punch. I mean, everything about DOOM screams metal as hell, and that is what makes id Software’s DOOM so excellent: it recognizes what it is, and doesn’t try to do or be anything different. id Software does FPS right, and DOOM is its magnum opus to the genre.

Written by Jeremy Winslow

This year DICE took a risk by pushing the setting of its latest Battlefield title back to the First World War, but luckily for all of us, that risk paid off wonderfully. With a superb multiplayer suite and a single player campaign that mostly takes the World War I setting seriously, Battlefield 1 brings the franchise into new territory and it excels in almost every area. Throughout the game’s six single player vignettes, Battlefield 1 covers the globe in a variety of action-packed battles that showcase several different conflicts throughout the war. With an incredible opening and a solid set of missions that effectively display the horrors of World War I, Battlefield 1’s single player cements itself as one of the best Battlefield campaigns in years. Likewise, Battlefield 1 takes its multiplayer in a new direction with several changes that make the game feel unique while still maintaining the excellent feel of the Battlefield franchise. Because of the limitations of the technology and weaponry of the time period, Battlefield 1’s multiplayer puts a greater emphasis on close quarters combat. Players will be bayonet-charging headlong into enemy lines and taking down their opponents with a variety of firearms and melee weapons. Also added to the battle are the monolithic behemoth vehicles, such as the infamous zeppelin and dreadnaught, that lay waste to the battlefield and can easily turn the tide of any fight. Battlefield 1 further livens up the multiplayer scene with its new Operations game mode that combines the Battlefield classics of Conquest and Rush into one fast-paced mode across multiple battlefields. All of these additions combined with the already solid Battlefield formula make Battlefield 1 not only one of the best titles in the franchise to date, but also one of the best first-person shooters of 2016.

Written by Kelson James Howerton

Just thinking of things to write about Overwatch, I am already at a loss for words. This game is just absolutely incredible. Overwatch is a game I have played since its beta, and continue to play to this very day. The incredibly addictive gameplay and robust group of heroes, maps, and modes make it a formidable game in a year of FPS giants. There is so much depth and strategy to this game that it is truly at the level of an RTS or MOBA in terms of skill curve. As such, it really gets its hooks into you in your quest to continue to get better and climb the competitive ladder. The support that Blizzard has continued to provide this game in the form of new heroes, maps, modes, events, skins, etc. all for free is yet another reason why fans just keep coming back time and time again to this new giant in the genre.

Written by Nikhil Chowdri

Runners-Up: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Destiny: Rise of Iron, Titanfall 2.

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